We use therapeutic massage, manual massage, and detox to promote overall wellness and health.

therapeutic massage

Used to improve muscles in the body by restoring the biomechanical function use. The three different types are Deep Tissue, Anti-Stress and a Sports Massage.
– Promotes tissue health
– Helps relieve stress in the muscles
– Reduce recovery period
– Releases endorphins to help reduce depression
– Provides emotional support

Manual massage

Physical treatment used to decrease pain and improve range of motion. These types are Deep Tissue, Body Scrubs and Wraps, Sports Massage, Swedish Massage or Stone Massage.
– Anxiety
– Sports injuries
– Digestive disorders
– Headaches


Specialized for getting rid of unhealthy toxins in the body. This will be used by either a slimming detox water, burn fat detox water, avocado and cumber with flaxseeds detox, or through a fruits and veggie smoothie drink.
– Weight loss
– Improved thinking skills
– Helps with your internal organs
– More energy

A small room rot experience wet or dry heat sessions. These can either be a Smoke Sauna, Steam Sauna, Wood Burning Sauna or Infrared Sauna.

Body Wrap
Thin piece of cloth with cleansing ingredients that are placed on the body with hot towels to help treat the body. These types can include a mud wrap, slimming wrap, cellulite wrap or algae/seaweed wrap.
– Improves high blood pressure
– Detoxification
– Skin tightening
– Skin softening

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